3 Ways You Can Cheat At Slots



Traditional slot cheats would drill a hole through genuine coins. They would tie it to some fishing line, play the coin, and let it fall just far enough to trigger a spin. Then, they would pull it back out and repeat the process to play for free.

3 Ways You Can Cheat At Slots

Gamblers, punters, and dribblers have moved on from these technological advancements have found more creative ways, engaging in a back and forth crusade with the casinos that continue to this day.

Here are three interesting ways that you can cheat at slots! But cheat at your own risk - if I can write about them publicly, then you know the house knows about them too!

Rigging Machines For Instant Jackpots

Beginning in 1996, former locksmith Dennis Nikrasch used the “brute force” style of computer hacking to essentially break the machine’s payout sensors.

Using a blocker to screen the surveillance cameras, Nikrasch took less than a minute to pick the lock, open the machine’s interface, and attach a device that manipulated the reels’ RNG. Just like that, Nikrasch was gone like a ghost, leaving his blocker behind to play the game until an inevitable jackpot was triggered shortly after that.

Why It’s A Bad Idea To Rig Slot Machines

Nikrasch absconded with more than $6 million in stolen slot funds before his run was cut short, sending him to prison for seven years.

Once again, the biggest reason to avoid this slot cheating method is impracticability, because Nikrasch took his tech secrets to the grave.

Very Low Sophistication… Taking Advantage Of Machines With Leftover Money

Whether you count this one as cheating is up to your moral code, but what do you do when a neighboring player leaves a few bucks in the next machine over?

Do you alert someone for a refund, or do you take the free spins for yourself?

Counterfeit Bills & Counterfeit Money

Why You Shouldn’t Counterfeit Bills or Coins.

Counterfeiting is one of the most severe federal crimes imaginable, and when you add in casino surveillance, this cheating recipe doesn’t add up. If you are caught trying to do the sneaky and you are using fake money.

The downside is going to eclipse your 1/1,000,000 at a decent payout and feature.


Slot machines probably inspire,continueexcitingInso many cheating attempts simply because of the volatile gameplay they offer. When winners can come few and far between, and losing by session’s end is a statistical certainty barring a big jackpot, grinding the slots can get downright depressing in the worst of times.

Cheaters who refuse to accept the “boom and bust” dynamic of the slots will always try to gain the upper hand, but as these five entries make clear, casinos are always one step ahead of the culprits.

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