4 Ways To Get Better At Slots



Here are some tips within this article easy to implement and you can use many of them to improve your slot machine results.

4 Ways To Get Better At Slots

Imagine applying these tips to your playing, then you can start using what you learn the next time you play slots.

Understand Your RTP Return To Player

The most important information about slot machines is the return to player. It’s usually represented as a percentage, and it shows how much on average of all money wagered on the machine is returned to the player.

When you look at most casino games, you can find the house edge, which is the percentage of all bets that the casino keeps on average. The house edge on a slot machine is the difference between the return to player and 100%. This means that a machine with a return to player of 97% has a house edge of 3%.

The reason why all of this is important is that if you play on slots games with a higher return to player, you have a better chance to win. The problem is that casinos don’t want you to know the return to player percentages for their slot machines.

Big Bonuses For The Online Slots

One of the best ways to get an instant boost to your slots bankroll is to sign up at to several online casinos and receive the bonuses.

You can often get a 100% or higher matching bonus on your deposit, so you can play twice as long or more. This gives you more chances to hit a big jackpot, and the bonus is basically free. The two most important things to look for are play through requirements and limits on the total amount you can cash out.

Almost every online slots bonus has a play through requirement. I never play where they have a cap on the amount I can cash out. While most progressive jackpots are funded a different way than normal slots wins, you can run into problems if you have a max cash out limit and hit a big jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots In Online Slots

While there are several types of slot machines, progressive slot machines I prefer more than other types of slots. I know that the casino has an edge when I play slot machines, so I focus on trying to win a big jackpot.

One should set a budget for the playing session and tend to play until I run out of money or hit a decent jackpot.

You don’t have to play progressive slot machines, but you need to understand that slots are designed to slowly take your money. Don’t be fooled into giving them all of your money!

Optimise For Less Spins Per Hour

Most modern slot machines are designed to allow over 500 spins per hour once you start playing.

I’ve heard that some players are able to get to over 600 spins per hour. While some players might find this fun, personally I prefer to take a little more time when I play slots.

The less you spin, the more you are going to enjoy and the less likely you are to run you through your bankroll! This is the best of both worlds.


Us alike, gamblers, punters and dribblers, we love the simplicity of slots and the chance to win. Casinos like them because they churn out consistent and large profits.

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