Here Are 5 Ways To Fix The Reasons You’re Losing at Slots



The main reason why slots take the most money from players is that they’re more popular than any other casino game.

Here Are 5 Ways To Fix The Reasons You’re Losing at Slots

If you lose money with these games, don’t feel bad. You’re among millions of gamblers who have lost the wrestle with slots.

Here are 5 reasons why you are losing at slots and as well 5 ways to fix it.

Maximize Your RTP - Return To Player

Return to player (RTP) determines how much a slot machine is programmed to pay back in the long run. Higher RTP means that you have a better chance of winning.

As important as this concept is, though, many gamblers completely overlook RTP. Even if they know what this term stands for, they may still ignore payback and choose games based on the themes, graphics, and features.

Be smart and look beyond the aesthetics and the shiny lights that attract you to what might otherwise be a low RTP slots machine.

Chasing The Magic Dragon

Why not sit down and play some slots for a while since you will receive a significant number of comps after all?

Gambling comps aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Your theoretical losses could be much more significant than the comp rewards are worth.

That said, you should never extend a session to upgrade to a free hotel room or lobster dinner. You’re better off paying for these items outright rather than playing to earn them. Think about the economics of this. If they were losing money offering out these rewards to you - then they wound’nt be doing it. Who is being played?

Time Live Versus Time Online

It is more fun to be social and play slots live in person with perhaps some friends. Just go to an Australian pub and you will see this playing out first hand.

Think about how much time you are spending at the slots machine rather than you might be spending time otherwise. If you are spending time at slots without paying full attention and focus on what you are working on then you will fall into some problems.

Bankroll Management Is Everything!

Bankroll management refers to developing a money management strategy for your gambling sessions.

A good plan helps you factor in the quick play rate and high volatility of slot machines. You can therefore budget appropriately and avoid betting more money than you originally planned.

You need to keep a very close eye on what is coming in and what is coming out. This is of paramount importance if you will make a slots career or a slots hobby sustainable and long term.

You may think that bankroll management is a long process and be put off the matter. However, you can come up with a good bankroll plan in a matter of minutes.


Losing with slot machines is rarely attributed to just one reason. Instead, you can see where multiple problems can weigh into the matter.

A fast play rate can lead to more significant losses. Most players spin the reels somewhere between 500 and 700 times per hour. Always remember to account for slots volatility.

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