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Bonus rounds9.0
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About Lucky Koi Slots

Lucky Koi has a theme that is based on the idea of a decorative pond, a traditional one that you would see in a Chinese garden. That’s why you’re going to find a lot of symbols of Chinese origin on the reels, alongside the ones that show you pond insects, turtles or Koi fish. A total of 25 active lines can be used per spin, the reels having 5 columns in total. There are a lot of great things on the list of features, with bonus games, free spins, 5x multipliers, scatters and wilds all being present inside. You can get a top payout of $25,000 if the right symbols align on a line.

Lucky Koi

Betting requirements

Some games might not give you this option, but Lucky Koi allows you to change all aspects related to the bet. You can start with the number of lines, which are normally left at 25 by most players, but which you can change if you’re working with a smaller budget. You can then modify the number of coins that are used for each line, the maximum number being 10. The coin denomination is the final option, and it goes up to $0.50. The result of using such a system is that you can spend up to $5 for each line, so up to $125 for all of them.

Theme & Design of Lucky Koi Slot

The Koi fish pond theme is not that common, even though the Chinese connection is one that you will find in a lot of slot machines, from all kinds of developers, Microgaming included. For the symbols allowed on the reels, you will find that the developer relied on images of Koi fish, along with turtles, water insects, lotus flowers, frogs, gold and silver ingots, hand fans and a few others. The pond’s water and flowers/plants are shown in the background image. The overall quality of the design is only about average, and I say that because I compare its look with that of other modern slot machines, even ones from Microgaming. Generally, they tend to look a lot better than Lucky Koi does. The game does have animations in the background and in many of its symbols, so you will find fish that move around in the water for example.

Koi Slot Machine Special Features

Look no further than the Lucky Koi logo, if you want to see how the game’s wild feature looks like. It’s the symbol that you can use as a replacement for another, and it will pay as much as the best regular symbol of the slot can. Its combinations need two or more symbols in them, arranged from the left. If those requirements aren’t met, the symbol can still be of use as a wild feature, so it will substitute for others and you might still get a combination. The wild logo does not have the ability to replace a scatter. As for the scatter, its image seems to be that of a temple, and it is getting its own logo on it as well. The scatter is the best-paying symbol from the base game, since it multiplies the amount you wager by up to 100 times. As all scatters do, this one can land anywhere, as long as you have a minimum of three visible. Besides the usual rewards, the slot machine also delivers a bonus game, which loads up an image of the pond with the fish in it. You have to pick between 3 and 6 fish, and they will bring you 10 to 30 free spins, with multipliers reaching 5x. As you go through this initial bonus game, you might also get additional picks to make. It is during the free spins that you can hope to land the slot’s biggest prizes, but more on that below.

Lucky Koi

Lucky Koi Slot Machine Jackpot

Lucky Koi will give a player rewards which are acceptable size wise, reaching $12,500 during paid spins and up to $25,000 during free spins (if a 5x multiplier is applied). There are two different symbols that can form combinations which will pay that much, so at least you can feel like the game gives you good odds of landing one of those wins. The RTP of Lucky Koi sits at 96.47%, which you will find to be an average number only if you look at Microgaming slot machines. The industry average is significantly lower than that though, and the slot machines which can offer that much are considered pretty good.


Lucky Koi slot has a good average RTP, so if you’re into Asian gardens and decorative fish, it could be an OK choice. I’m not that inspired by the quality of its design, but there are plenty of other slots that look a lot worse, and here it’s more of a problem that it is an older title, not a lack of trying on the developer’s part.

Lucky Koi

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