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Progressive slots are games which are pooled over a network of games or a network of casinos. These are usually jackpot games where the top prize is fed by a network. This usually leads to the top prize ranging in the millions of dollars. Down below you will find some useful information on progressive slots and progressive jackpots.

How do Progressive Slots work?Playing with Progressive Jackpots
Gold Rush by NetEnt
Gold Rush by NetEnt
Gold Rush by NetEnt
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How do Progressive Slots work?

You already know that you can play the games from one software provider across a number of casinos. If you play a progressive jackpot game which is pooled over the entire network of casinos which the provider powers, you will see that the jackpot prize is the same at every casino and constantly rising. This is so because every bet that is made on the game from all players, across all casinos which have the game in their offer, contributes to the top jackpot prize. This is how some progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune can reach over $15 million.

Playing with Progressive Jackpots

Some players often look at progressive jackpots as cheating slots which eat away your balance and pay nothing in return. For many players it’s also incomprehensible how a casino which has a monthly withdrawal limit of $2,000 will be able to payout the top jackpot prize.

First off progressive jackpots are high variance slots which are known to eat a lot of balance. This is so because a part of the bet goes to feed the jackpot, so it’s natural that the base play payouts will be significantly lower. As for the payout part you needn’t worry. All progressive jackpots are paid out by the provider company and not the casino itself.

So if you win $15 million on Mega Moolah the payment will come from Microgaming. This is done to ensure that the player will be paid in full and on time, in order to keep the impeccable reputation of the company.

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