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Lucky Little Devil


Bonus rounds7.5
Fun factor6.0
Total score6.5
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Lucky Little Devil gets inspiration from one of the unlikeliest places to act as a muse, from Hell itself. It’s a place that has gotten quite a bit of attention over the years, from various developers, but usually the focus is on beautiful she-devils or the fight between good and evil. In this case, we get something different, a devil in baby form. Sporting just 10 active lines, Lucky Little Devil still uses the usual 5 reels setup, each column getting 3 symbols. Feature wise, there is a mix between the ones that you trigger with symbols and others which come at random. The list has names like The Devil’s Work, Little Helping Hand or Fiendish Free Spins. On the reels you will find several scatters and mystery symbols. The big reward of Lucky Little Devil is going to have a value of $69,000 at most.

Lucky Little Devil

Betting requirements

Red Tiger Gaming has a certain way of doing things, especially where the game’s wagers are concerned. There are 10 active lines for each round, but the total stake is the only one to worry about. You will use the betting range between $0.20 and $500 for it, where each of those lines will get between $0.02 and $50.

Theme & Design

Hell is naturally the place where the devil can be found, and so that’s going to be the backdrop of this particular slot machine. You will find the path going through the pits of lava in the background, while a cute little baby devil is right next to the reels, holding a miniature pitchfork. He has the typical horns, wings and tail, along with a tuft of fire hair on his forehead. Even with a razor sharp tooth sticking out of his mouth, it’s still a cute baby look that he’s got here. Moving on to the reels, they’re surrounded by hellish decorations, so with devil tails and flames, and on them there are symbols that start off with the card icons and then end up with images of pitchforks, traps, cauldrons and 666 logos. If you’re interested in the feature symbols, those have on them coins and little devils. Quality has never been a problem for Red Tiger Gaming. I’ve enjoyed the look of pretty much all the slots machines I’ve seen from them, and it’s obvious that they’re modern titles.

Special Features

The features offered in Lucky Little Devil aren’t exactly the standard ones, but most of them are common enough that you’re likely to have seen them before in other slots. The mystery symbols are one such example, being used here as a way to add multiple symbols of the same kind on the reels. The initial form of the mystery symbols has the image of a Little Devil Coin. Another feature, that is a lot more common in online slots, is the one with free spins. Triggered by the presence of three scattered Devil symbols, these rounds can have mega symbols on their reels, which can occupy all 9 positions on the middle three reels. These mega symbols are huge versions of the mystery symbols that I mentioned before, so you don’t know which symbol you will end up getting on the reels. The Devil may appear at random during the free spins, bringing you additional rounds. Random features are also part of most slots from this particular developer. The first one I’d mention is called Little Helping Hand. You get the devil’s help, which might not sound that great, but which brings you guaranteed wins if it does happen. The Devil’s Work is another one that you should hope that you get. Featuring the same cute baby devil, it will add mystery symbols on all positions on the reels. You end up with 15 identical symbols and with 10 winning combinations of 5 symbols each. Obviously, that could end up being immensely profitable for you.

Lucky Little Devil


You should check out the symbol with a 666 logo on it, to find the one that can pay the most. It’s the jackpot symbol and it can get you combinations that will pay up to 1,380 coins. I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but due to the high value of the individual line bets, the game can award as much as $69,000 through them. I’ve found that the theoretical RTP that Lucky Little Devil comes with is at 95.73%, which means that it’s going to be in line with the majority of the slots that are new on the market now.


This game is similar to the other slot machines that Red Tiger Gaming has put out so far, at least when it comes to the payouts and features that are offered. The graphics are better than those you’d expect from an average slot machine though.

Lucky Little Devil

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