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Good Girl Bad Girl


Bonus rounds9.5
Fun factor6.0
Total score7.5
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Good Girl Bad Girl is a game that you probably recognize if you’ve played Betsoft slot machines in the past. If you haven’t then you will find that it has a unique angle to play here, showing us the ultimate two sides, good vs evil. The good side is represented by an blonde angel in a white bikini, while the evil has the brunette she-devil in a black leather outfit. Besides the theme, what is truly unusual about the game is the way Betsoft gives players the chance to play on one side or the other, and to have a different type of experience in each case. There is also the option of the middle ground, with both modes active. The slot has 15 lines, 5x3 reels and its payouts go up to $2,500. You will find that the two modes each have their own wild symbols and bonus games that you can take advantage of.

Good Girl Bad Girl

Betting requirements

Bet wise, the amount you’re using will depend on a couple of things. You can select a single side, either good or evil, or you can use both, but in that case you double your wager. With just one side in use, you have 15 lines that accept up to 5 coins each, for a total of 75 coins ($37.50 at most, since the coins have a top denomination of $0.50). If you want both sides active, then you spend twice as much, so 150 coins, or $75 cash.

Theme & Design

The theme is not entirely unique, not even when it comes to the good girl vs bad girl action, but you have to give Betsoft props for the quality of the design and for actually offering two different game modes and looks for the game. The left half of the screen is based on the white color, with white stairs leading up to a white gate in heaven, and with a flying angel in a white outfit. The right half gets the hell inspired look, with lava, fire and a she-devil that also has wings, just ones that are more bat-like, as opposed to the bird like ones from the angel. The actual symbols are split in two as well. You have the angel and the she-devil at first, then the white and the brown cats, the poker letters which are very well drawn out, plus images of halos and pitchforks.

Special Features

The choice of Gameplay modes is an important aspect of this game. If you go with the Good Mode, then you can expect your winning combinations to form starting from the left side, going to the right. The risk is lower in this particular mode. As for the Bad Mode, here the combinations form starting from the right side, and the risk is higher, while rewards are better. Each side has its own features and its own payouts that are offered for them. As I’ve mentioned, you can use a double wager to cover the two game modes, forming combinations both ways and getting access to all types of features. Both sides have their own symbols that they can use. The Pitchfork is obviously on the Bad side, while the Halo is on the Good side. They are transformed into wild symbols when they appear, and they are available on certain reels. The Halo is on the reels 1, 2 and 3, and it has a multiplier of 1x or 2x. The Pitchfork is a symbol reserved for the reels 3, 4 and 5, with the multiplier being anywhere between 1x and 4x. You can form combinations out of matching wild symbols alone, and they will pay 2,500 coins at most in the case of the Good Wild, and 5,000 coins for the Bad Wild. Should the two symbols appear next to each other, they will trigger for you a Click Me Bonus. There are two variants for the feature, Good or Bad, and if you’re playing with both modes active you get to choose which one you want to play through. There is also a feature that is common to both modes, the Money Wheel Bonus. It is triggered by its own Wheel symbol, when you have it visible on the reels 1, 3 and 5. Once again, there are two versions, and you can play for the Good or the Bad Progressive Jackpot. They’re both displayed above the reels, in normal game mode, and the Bad one is worth twice as much.

Good Girl Bad Girl


First of all, the game has the two progressive jackpots that the player can trigger, during the special Wheel Bonus feature. Next, we also have fixed wins of up to 1,000x, coming via the wild symbols. The Good Wild pays up to 2,500 coins ($1,250), while the Bad Wild pays up to 5,000 coins ($2,500 cash). We’ve found out for you what the average RTP is in each case, and it appears that you get the best outcome when you’re playing in Good Mode, since it’s at 97.79%. For the Bad Mode, the average RTP is at 97.30%. As for the option to have both modes active, it will apparently pay at an average of 97.70%, quite close to that of the Good Mode. With these numbers in mind, it’s obvious that you’re getting the best outcome from the Good Mode, followed closely behind by the option to have both modes active.


The game has a good idea, some innovative features, beautiful graphics, and it even has some great payouts to offer, long term at least. Its average RTP is the one that recommends it, since it’s in the upper half of the 97% to 98% range.

Good Girl Bad Girl

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