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Lucky Witch is the kind of slot machine that you see popping up during Halloween, since it relies on witches and various creatures of the night when it comes to its theme and symbols. The attractive witch which you will see inside is something else that Microgaming expects to make this slot machine more attractive. 5 reels are waiting for you in Lucky Witch, and you can spin them and get rewards of up to $60,000. There are other advantages to this game as well, like its stacked wild symbols, its multipliers, free spins, scatters and four types of features that come via the Mystery Bonus at random. You have 15 active lines each round.

Lucky Witch

Betting requirements

In terms of betting requirements, you get 15 lines to work with, but if you want to you can have fewer active. There is also the option to have as many as 20 coins used per line, and with denominations of up to $1. You basically can wager up to $20 per line, with the total bet getting up to $300. The minimum bet can go even as low as $0.01 per active line.

Theme & Design

The witch theme is the one that was chosen in this case, and it’s a pretty common one if you’re looking at slot machines that developers create for Halloween. These can also be played all year long though, it’s not like the ones created for Christmas, which are getting a lot of players only for a couple of weeks during the holidays. The witch theme brings us a sexy lady here, along with classic things like the cauldron filled with a disgusting brew, the potion vials, black cats, carved pumpkins, owls, golem statues, crystals, scrolls and lizards. It’s a pretty good mix of symbols all things considered, with relevant images only, which is the part that I enjoyed most about it. I also liked the quality of the graphics in Lucky Witch, the symbols being all designed in an attractive and colorful design style. It’s not as dark as other Halloween slot machines, and actually I’d say it’s even a bit cheerful, but I enjoyed it exactly because of that. The background is still the same cemetery like view, with the full moon in the sky.

Special Features

The base game will rely on a single wild feature, coming in as a stacked symbol with the Lucky Witch logo on it. While it has the advantage of being stacked, it’s limited unfortunately in the symbols which it can replace. You can only have it as a replacement for a high paying symbol, which means that only the witch, black cat, owl and lizard can use its help. The wild doesn’t even pay you directly as far as I can tell, so you’re not going to have a use for it as often as in other slots. It does have a multiplier, so when it does help out with a high paying icon, it can make the game very profitable. The scatter’s image is that of a Blue Potion. As all symbols of this type, as long as you get enough symbols to appear, you’re going to be rewarded, no matter where they show up. The cash rewards start from two symbols and up, while the free spins need at least three. Cash wise, you can win up to $60,000 this way, the reward of the scatter reaching 200x total bet. On the free spins side of things, you get 13 rounds and you have an extra wild from the Witch icon. It’s only going to replace high paying symbols though, so even with its 2x multiplier it will not be that useful most of the time. The final type of feature is the bonus game, which triggers when you get the Mystery Bonus Cauldron on the reels 1, 3 and 5. You will then get a Mystery Bonus feature, out of the four available. These are all picking style bonus games, and they’re called Pumpkin, Magic Potion, Secret Vault and Spell Book.

Lucky Witch


The scatter symbol pays the most here, offering up to $60,000 with enough symbols and a big enough wager that round. Regular combinations pay up to $20,000, and can double to $40,000 with the wild’s multiplier applied. The Return To Player for Lucky Witch is the usual high number that Microgaming offers in their recent titles, being at 96.40% apparently.


Lucky Witch should prove to be an interesting game if you’re near Halloween, graphics and feature wise. I’m not a fan at all of the wild symbols that are available inside though, they’re a bit too limited.

Lucky Witch

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