April 26, 2022

A Punter's Guide on Winning at Slots

Ethan Lim
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Online slots dominate the online gaming landscape. Slots feature in most online casinos, with hundreds of varieties for punters to choose from. Most punters usually consider slots among the easiest casino games to play. That is generally true for fun-incentivized punters. 

A Punter's Guide on Winning at Slots

It gets a bit complex for punters looking to improve their overall winning chances because of the numerous considerations they have to make. This guide includes some essential steps for maximizing winning chances at slots.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Slots Machines

There are numerous misunderstandings regarding how slot machines work, leading punters to lose. For example, punters might think that their probability of winning increases every time they play instead of knowing that each spin is independent and winning odds do not change. 

Having the correct information regarding slots' principles and working mechanisms can help punters make better playing decisions.

Looking Beyond the RTP

Most punters usually go as far as considering the return-to-player (RTP) rates when selecting which slots to play. However, punters should also consider volatility, irrespective of how good the RTP rates are. 

High volatility usually means the punters win more often, but the winnings might be lower. Low volatility means the punters might have to play longer before winning.

Location Matters

Nowadays, the location in which the online slots casino operator is located might influence the winning probability of slots, especially for live slots. For example, slots based in Las Vegas may have very low RTP and volatility rates than those found in a place less known for gambling. That might be because the cost of licensing and running online and live casinos vary in different places.

Ignoring Gambling Myths

There are numerous myths related to online slots. Most myths can be pretty misleading and may negatively affect a punter's chances of winning. For example, some people believe in the myth that playing at certain times improves winning chances. 

The truth is the odds of winning remain the same for each spin in a particular slots machine irrespective of the time of day. At times, the problem might be more of poor interpretation of information than myths. For example, an RTP rate of 96% does not guarantee punters a win after every 100 spins.

Utilizing All Available Bonuses

Bonuses are quite common in online slots. Different slots variants have different bonus types, including free spins, free multipliers, and cash awards. Making good use of the bonuses can go a long way towards helping players be successful in slots. In some cases, punters might have to go through additional steps to unlock some bonus features.

Having a Strategy and Stick to It

A strategy in any slots player's 'best friend.' Punters should come up with playing strategies before they start playing slots. The strategy should mostly revolve around bankroll management and playing time. For example, punters should know the amount to spend for each spin, irrespective of previous spins outcomes. A good strategy should also be clear about when to walk away.

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