October 15, 2021

Differences Between Poker and Slots

Ethan Lim
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Slot machines doesn´t offer the same chance of winning over time that poker does.

 Differences Between Poker and Slots

Slots follow a closer linear progression to the potential of poker, which can enter exponential functionality—an interesting differential between the potential of the two codes. The key here is that slots are more predictable than poker is.

Poker Strategy Is Harder To Learn

If you want to be a winning poker player, you need to do much work. You have to learn how to play, and you need to spend months or years learning strategy and improving your game. But if you play slots, you don’t need to know anything about strategy because there isn’t a strategy that helps you win.

You can do some things while playing slots that help your bankroll last longer. You can try to find a return to player numbers for several slot machines so that you can play on the ones that offer the highest return, but once you hit the spin button or pull the handle, there’s nothing to do but hope for a win.

Slots Are At Your Speed, Poker Is Someone Else

When you play poker, the game's speed is dictated by the dealer and the other players. You can take your time playing your hand if you need to, but even that has a limit. The problem usually isn’t that you want to play poker slower; the problem is that you want to play faster, and the dealer and other players are slow.

When you play on a slot machine, you’re in complete control of the speed of play. You can play as fast as you can push the buttons or pull the lever. Or you can take your time and play a few spins every minute. Playing slower has the added benefit of making your bankroll last longer as well.

Slots Always Offer Better Bonuses

Most online poker rooms offer bonuses, but they aren’t even close to the bonuses that online slots players have access to. I’ve seen bonus packages as ludicrous as + $10,000 for online slots players.

The other big advantage of online slots bonuses over online poker bonuses is that you can usually play with your slots bonus as soon as you make a deposit. When you get a poker bonus, you usually have to clear it by playing a set number of raked hands or acquiring a set number of player’s points.

It is essential to read the terms and conditions for every slot machine bonus you consider taking because every online casino has its own set of rules.


Poker might offer a better chance at long-term profits, but slot machines have many more advantages for the punters and dribblers… the gamblers.

Slot machines offer a significant advantage over poker when you want to play a simple game and not worry about strategy.

It’s still a better long-term strategy to master poker if you want the best chance to win, but it takes a great deal of work. Slot machines don’t require any work, and you still have a chance at a big win if you get lucky.

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