September 10, 2021

Professional Slots Player Is Not A Smart Career Move. Here’s Why

Ethan Lim
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Slot machines offer a unique challenge to the would-be professional. The odds are stacked against you and unfortunately no strategy, no matter how good, is going to be able to beat the system.

Professional Slots Player Is Not A Smart Career Move. Here’s Why

Here is why you may want to reconsider playing slots as a career.

First Off - What Even Is A Career In Slots?

A career in slots entails a one armed lifestyle. Sitting in the chair - or online - and slamming away at the fine margins that make all the difference and excitement in the world at the slots machine.

The old adage of “It takes money to make money” is especially true here. Before you ever embark on your new career path, you’ll obviously need a substantial bankroll. For slot players, this is significantly more tricky. For starters, the volatility of slots can vary greatly from machine to machine.

You’ll have to make a crucial decision on what games to play and which jackpots to chase. Then you’ll be relying on a massive run of good luck.

Location Location Location - Make Sure You Are Within Distance Of Casinos

Proximity to the casino, much like proximity to the office is crucial if you are going to get to good work. However, we also have the online option! Which means that if you would rather work remote then your ability ot paly slots is not hindered at all by your location.

Still, a successful career as a slots player will likely require some sort of relocation. In order to make enough profits to stay afloat, you’ll need to be near the best slots payouts.

Regardless of the financial burden, the move could come with, there may be more important factors to examine.

You’ll possibly be moving away from friends or family. This can strain adults, but the impact on any children may be much more significant.

First off - if you are moving your family to feed your slots career can I suggest you find a better game to gamble against - or stick to online.

How About We Consider For A Moment The Case For Going Pro

I believe in following your passion. If you desire to make a living as a slot machine pro, I wish you unlimited success.

However, there’s not really a way for you to guarantee a long-term profit from playing slot machines. So, I would encourage you to make the slot machines a part-time gig until you’ve discovered a key to making money.

Perhaps your best next option is to find a career in the casino industry. Croupier is a romantic position.

Here Is One Big Caveat… Perhaps You Should Reconsider

Slots are against you. They are rigged to not payout more than they take it. Strategy cannot defeat this giant factor of the algorithm. So, if you are to consider professional slots, you are relying on lady luck alone.

You simply aren’t going to be able to legally beat the house edge on slot machines. When you factor in all of the financial obligations and responsibilities you have, going pro as a slot machine player is borderline reckless.

Sometimes, hobbies are best reserved for being just that and nothing more.


There are many reasons why you may want to reconsider playing slots as a career. The argument against this move all comes down to the house edge.

You simply can’t overcome the return to the player with comps or raising the stakes. You’ll need to hit a significant jackpot to carry you through the countless losses.

The best way to enjoy playing slots is to try and play it for free. Big online casinos offer a free version of play where you can still get as much entertainment as to playing with money.

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