Our top 10 list - progressive slots!



There are tons of online progressive jackpot slots options. In a nutshell, a progressive jackpot is when the prize amount grows based on a number of times the game in played in correlation to the last time the jackpot has been won. This is in contrast with a "fixed" jackpot where the stated jackpot amount is consistent. Progressive jackpots are great for those who want the highest possible payout should they win. This article will highlight the ten best options and some details about the games. Mega Moolah Classic is among the most popular progressive slots available. Being able to play on mobile devices makes the game even more popular. The flexibility in betting attracts those who may not want to spend a fortune and high rollers as well. The four progressive jackpot options make this game unique. The options are mini, minor, major and mega. The lowest jackpot is typically about ten going all the way up to a million. Its claim to fame is that it has made many people millionaires. This game is also able to be enjoyed without the progressive option for those who prefer a fixed jackpot. Mega Moolah offers also offers three other options that are also in the top ten.

Our top 10 list - progressive slots!


Major Millions is another popular option. This game features an unlimited progressive jackpot that makes it by far the most popular feature. There are two different versions of this game available online. The major benefit of this military themed game is that the betting amounts are set low however, a large price can still be won.


Wow Pot offers a three or five reel option and the game is considered to be fast and intense. The consensus is that a maximum bet is recommended to win the jackpot. Being a single line game without bonus spins or scatter lines make the game simple. This is a great option for those who aren't concerned with the mechanics of the game but care about winning the most possible.


Lotsaloot is a great option for those seeking a fast paced game without needing the fanfare of scatters and free spins. The biggest benefit to this game is that there are 25 pay lines and wild symbols. Five Lotsaloot logos must be in a position in the 25th pay line to win the jackpot on this game.


Dark Knight Rises offers more options than most other progressive slots. This game and its other top ten contenders Dark Knight are based on the movie theme. The original game's theme varies slightly showcasing the jackpot in black. The game is constantly going and the jackpot is random, so the playing field is even. Bonus wins and stacked symbols offer additional winning opportunity. Although the jackpot is random the chances for non-jackpot prizes increase as the wager increases.


While there are many choices available, it would seem that Mega Moolah is by far the most popular choice. These games are typically offered at a number of online casinos. The thrill of playing for the highest prize possible draws many to the progressive options. Not only do these games offer prizes but also high entertainment value. The colorful themes and rich graphics make these games the most popular option online. Free spins and welcome bonuses also sweeten the deal making online casino slots a great place to play.

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