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Rocky is a character that needs no introduction, and I’m sure that pretty much everyone can figure out what the theme is about. The slot seems to take multiple movies with this character into account, featuring fighters that appeared at different points in the series. For this particular game, Playtech chose to use 25 pay lines, the 5 reels hosting them allowing for 3 symbols to appear in each case. The game allows for large bets to be placed, as you will learn below, so the rewards can be huge as well, in some cases even reaching $500,000. Rocky also has wild symbols, bonus symbols, scatters, bonus games, free games and multipliers.


Betting requirements

Whatever the bet that you will want to use there will be three choices that you will make. They will include the value of the coins, which are between $0.01 and $5, along with the number of coins per line (1 to 10), and the number of lines. Up to 25 lines are allowed to be active, and the wagers covering them can reach maximum values of $1,250 total, at $50 per line.

Theme & Design

This boxer themed slot will show off some of the actors that were part of the Rocky movies, starting with those that he fought of course. Photos of the actors that played Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed or Clubber Lang are visible among the symbols, just like you have one with Rocky, his girlfriend or his agent. As symbols are part of winning combinations, they will be turned into movie scenes that are animated, showing you a couple of seconds of actual footage. The letters of the word ROCKY are used as symbols and they can form the word when they’re on all five reels in the right order. The game doesn’t have a great design, but that would be especially difficult since it uses so many images taken from a movie that was released decades ago. Still, the images of those characters have been retouched a bit, to make them more appealing.

Special Features

One easy way of landing a prize in Rocky is to get five symbols which have the letters of the word, on the five reels, in the right order. Spell the Rocky name with symbols, and you get a quick reward of 5 times the bet. The truly big payout that you’re going to go after will be the one that comes from the Rocky Wild symbols. These are symbols which are capable of acting as others, helping you out as substitutes, but what you will want from them is to appear up to five times on the same line. That’s when you get the really big payouts, as high as 10,000 times the line bet. As wilds, these symbols can’t be replacements for the ROCKY letters, the bonus or scatter symbols. The scatter symbol has a Rocky logo on it, which also has the words Italian Stallion at the top and bottom. You get paid by it when you land a minimum of two on the reels, but ideally you need at least three visible, since that’s what gets you 15 to 25 free spins, as well as their 2x multiplier. The rewards are also better when you have more symbols. Additional wild symbols are placed on the reels during free spins. The White and the Red Glove symbols are only used on the 1st and 5th reels, respectively. They are both needed on their respective reels, in order for the bonus game to be triggered. Knockout Bonus asks the player to pick the opponent that will go against Rocky, and then there will be a match with 10 rounds. You get prizes for the rounds won by Rocky. The matches all end with a KO landed by Rocky. When you get the KO earlier than the last round, then all the next rounds are considered automatic wins.



This is my kind of game, which pays very well with its top jackpot, plus also has multipliers that can improve the amount further. With 10,000x as a reward, or up to 20,000x with the free spins multiplier, the game can pay up to $500,000 for the former, or $1,000,000 for the latter case. Of course, the top jackpot is only a motivator here, and what counts in the long run is the theoretical payback that you get from the slot. With an RTP that is at 95.01%, Rocky is an OK solution for a fan of the boxer, but there are more profitable options out there.


Rocky should be a game that you can have fun with, and I especially enjoyed the big top payouts that are possible inside, since they can be good targets for a player to have. If you’re not a fan though, it’s not a game that I would particularly recommend.


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