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Bonus rounds8.5
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Big Bad Wolf slot is a game that is available at Microgaming casinos, offered on their Quickfire platform, but it was developed by the guys from Quickspin. It’s one of the more attractive variants which were created based on the story of “The Three Little Pigs”, so obviously they’re not the first ones to think about covering this topic. The developer chose to activate 25 pay lines for each round and to have a standard setup with 5 columns and 3 rows of symbols as hosts for them. Wild features appear to be important to this game, as it uses both regular ones and others which turn the pigs into such symbols after certain wins. They also have other features though, such as the scatters, which will bring you free spins with collectable symbols and multipliers. The game even has Swooping Reels inside, giving you better odds of landing one of those 1,000x payouts.

Betting requirements

Quite a few developers prefer to offer players fixed lines, and to just give them a range for the total bet to choose from. It’s what Quickspin decided to do here, with its 25 fixed lines requiring you to choose from bets of $0.25 to $125. There is a pop-up menu that opens up from the Total Bet section, and there will be a total of 10 options on it. The line wagers would be from $0.01 to $5 for that range. It makes this an accessible game for most budgets, since you can get it going with just a quarter if you want to.

Theme & Design

“The Three Little Pigs” is the name of the story that the slot machine gets its inspiration from. The four characters from the story are visible on the reels, with a bad wolf and three little pigs being shown. This is a folktale that I’m sure you’re familiar with, hundreds of years old, which was printed for the first time in 1840. The wolf comes and blows down the houses of two of the three pigs, the ones made out of straw and wood, but fails to do the same with the one that uses bricks. The design is quite attractive, modern and relying on animation film or comic book quality images for its symbols. The wolf is in there, along with the three pigs, with toys, beehives and a mix of poker cards which are made out of wood. I’ve found it an attractive game, even though it does use poker cards.

Special Features

A major influence on the way the game is played comes from the feature called Swooping Reels. It’s called differently by each developer, since everyone seems to be getting a trademark on the title, but the action is the same. Basically, any winning combination you get will trigger the Swooping Reels, making the symbols from the combo disappear. There are empty spaces left behind, and there will be new symbols that come in to occupy them. Hopefully, new wins result from the newcomers, and the Swooping Reels trigger once again. This can go on for quite some time, if luck is on your side. There are also two types of wild symbols inside, regular ones and turned ones. The regular wild symbol is properly marked, with a beehive shown in it as well. One major role it has is that of the jackpot trigger, the best reward of 1,000 coins coming through combinations of five Beehive wilds. This is also a substitute though, so you can have it in a combo together with regular symbols. As for the turned wilds, these are offered for every second win that you get in the game. All winning spins are taken into consideration. After the second win you get Pig 1 as a wild. The fourth win triggers Pig 2 and turns him into a wild version. The sixth win will turn Pig 3 into a substitute. Otherwise, the three Pigs will be used as regular symbols. The main character of the game, Big Bad Wolf, is the image that was picked for the scatter symbol, which you will be able to use to gain access to free spins. You simply need at least three Wolf symbols visible on the reels, and the game will give you 10 free spins in exchange. It’s also possible to retrigger the feature along the way. The free spins will bring Moon symbols to the reels, which are collectable. Once you have three collected, the wolf will be able to blow down the house made out of wood, which gives you 2 extra spins. With six Moons collected, you get another 2 free spins, plus a multiplier of 2x for the next rounds.


The best possible jackpot in the game is at 1,000 coins for the paid spins, and at 2,000 coins for the free spins. It means that you can win $5,000 from the former, and $10,000 from the latter. The payouts might not sound like much, but the RTP for the game is apparently quite good, being at 97%.


I do enjoy this kind of game, which offers a modern design that is easy on the eyes, which has all the major features in place and then some, and so I think that the payouts which are offered and the 97% RTP make it a worthwhile title.

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