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About Mystic Wolf Slot

Mystic Wolf is designed around the Native American idea of the wolf, a powerful creature in the culture of the tribes. They considered this wild animal to be similar to humans in some ways, and they even compared the members of a tribe to the ones from a wolf pack. It is not a new theme, and the wolf has been mentioned plenty of times in other slot machines, but it rarely gets an entire game all to itself. You have quite the generous layout at your disposal, the 5 reels of Mystic Wolf delivering as many as 50 active lines if you’re willing to spend money on them. You get plenty of chances to form your combinations, and the rewards that will come from them will go up to 5,000x, or up to $12,500. While you play the game, you will find wild symbols, big multipliers, and Super Rounds which deliver free spins and even greater multipliers.

Betting requirements

It’s one of those games that will let you change every single aspect of the wager. You’re using between 1 and 50 active lines, you bet 1 to 10 coins on each one, and you go with a coin value that is between $0.01 and $0.25. Your bets can have values of $0.01 to $125, with as many as 500 coins used, so you have plenty of flexibility.

Wolf Slot Game Theme & Design

The focus is entirely on the wolf and on the way it is portrayed in Native American culture. You have multiple symbols with wolves on them, but there are also things like the Full Moon in the background, along with objects that would be used by members of the tribe. They’ve managed to create a mystic look for the game, using feathers, the Moon, and the wolves. It has a lot of light blue in its construction. The symbols give you six Royals first (poker cards from 9 to A), then a silver coin with a flower on it, a full Moon, the diamond and three pictures of wolves (close-up, wolf and the moon, and jumping wolf). I’ve seen much better designs being offered by Rival Gaming, so I can’t say that I’m entirely happy about what we’re getting from Mystic Wolf. They chose a rather dated look for it, with a bunch of simple poker cards occupying the reels most of the time. The quality of the graphics is simply not good enough.

Mystic Wolf Slot Machine Special Features

When it comes to the wild symbol, we naturally have one of the wolves in the main role. It’s the symbol with the wolf that’s attacking its prey that gets the honor. You can use such symbols in combination with any of the regular ones, and you will be forming new wins and will get paid in the process. This particular wild has a 5x multiplier, so any wins you get will be much bigger than if only regular symbols were part of the combo. That kind of multiplier is a very pleasant surprise, one that you don’t get from too many online slots. The round with free spins is called a Super Round here. To trigger the Super Round of Mystic Wolf, you have to get three or more Feather symbols in scattered spots on the reels. You get some free spins in this Super Round, which depends on how many symbols triggered the feature. You can land 3 scattered Feathers, and you will get 7 free spins, while with 4 symbols you would get 15, and with all 5 scatters you could win 50 free spins. The wild symbols are even better than those from the regular rounds, offering 10x multipliers for all wins that you get with their help. This will even apply to the top jackpot, as you will discover below.

Mystic Wolf Slot RTP and Jackpot

There are some ways in which you can get paid well in this game. One of them doesn’t have a connection with what happens on the reels, being a random win jackpot. You get a better chance at landing this random jackpot when you’re using the free spins. The game itself can pay up to 5,000x with the help of the Diamond symbol, turned into a jackpot of up to 50,000 coins, or $12,500 cash. The way to improve this jackpot is through the multipliers applied by the wild. During paid spins, it can help you win up to $62,500, while during free spins it can increase its value to $125,000. With the average RTP of Mystic Wolf sitting at around 94.60%, it’s a game that has plenty of competitors that are doing a lot better.


Mystic Wolf doesn’t pay as well as some of its direct competitors, it doesn’t have a great design, and those big wild multipliers don’t do a good enough job at making this a must play slot.

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