September 3, 2021

These Are Three Ways That Slot Machines Are Changing Over Time

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Slots have been around for over 100 years. They have changed quite considerably in the time since.

These Are Three Ways That Slot Machines Are Changing Over Time

While the system has remained largely the same since around 1970, slot machines have been undergoing an evolution that’s worth highlighting. They may not be reinventing the wheel per se, but they are giving the business of slots a much-needed boost of relevance.

Slot Machines Have Become Far More Intimate & Engaging

Noises, lights, design, gameplay. So much consideration goes into the construction of the slot machine.

Recently, one slots developer, Scientific Games, has been working on creating a slot machine experience that feels a bit more “business-class” and high-end.

Though the ideas have not fully been ironed out yet, early speculation is predicting games that are more individualized than they are currently. This could mean that instead of an entire section of casino dedicated to slots, they’ll be placed on their own throughout different areas of the casino.

These technology innovations are exciting for the development of further engaging slot machines.

Slot Machines Conforming To More Pop Culture

Another option to get people further engaged in the slots machines is pop culture - they might also attract a new audience as well.

The problem with using culture-themed slot machines is that by the time a company is able to produce machines featuring the latest movie or action hero, they’re no longer as relevant. With this in mind, Gaming Company Aristocrat is working on a way to reduce the amount of time it takes to get from big screen to slot machine theme.

The company’s idea is to have a game that can be released on the same day as the creative project itself. It’s still unclear as to how they’re expecting to make this simultaneous game/TV show/movie release a reality, but there’s no question that it will drive up player interest for pop culture-themed games.

No Cash Needed - Slot Machines Are Going Cashless

Countries that are famous for cashless societies such as Sweden and broader Scandinavia have introduced the concept of cashlessness into the world.

This is bleeding into the world of casinos and gambling now. Slot machines are cashless now.

The methods may vary from company to company, but all the major players in the industry have been investing heavily is safe and secure cashless technology. The goal is to reduce the “friction” that might be standing in the way of someone sitting down and testing their luck.

Nearly all industries are adopting cashless payment options so it’s expected that the transition will be relatively seamless for gaming companies. Even now, you might notice your local casino taking this approach for a number of different games on the floor.


Slot machines are ready to make their way into the future by relying on the latest technology to make the games more appealing to younger audiences. In addition, new marketing channels can reveal their latest developments at little or no cost via digital media influencers.

The gambling industry will always need to innovate in order to stay relevant to an audience that has unlimited games right in their pockets. Cashlessness is an obvious evolution.

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